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EPA seeks comment on carbon rule replacement

EPA seeks comment on carbon rule replacementThe U.S. Environmental Protection Agency on Monday issued a notice that it wants public input for a possible replacement of Obama-era regulations on carbon dioxide emissions from power plants that the agency is repealing. The agency's advance notice kicks off a 60-day comment period on "specific topics for the Agency to consider in developing any subsequent proposed rule," according to an EPA release. The move comes after the agency proposed in October to repeal the Obama administration's Clean Power Plan, a collection of emissions standards for U.S. states intended to reduce pollution from power plants - the largest emitters of greenhouse gases - by 32 percent below 2005 levels by 2030.

Trump judicial nominee withdraws from consideration

Trump judicial nominee withdraws from considerationA lawyer nominated by President Donald Trump to serve as a federal judge withdrew from consideration on Monday after video of his Senate confirmation hearing showing him unable to provide answers to rudimentary legal questions went viral last week. Trump accepted Matthew Petersen's offer to withdraw his nomination as a district court judge in Washington, a White House official said. Petersen, a Republican member of the Federal Election Commission, became the latest of Trump's judicial nominations to fail as the president seeks to win confirmation of judges who will make the federal judiciary more conservative.

U.S. appeals judge steps down amid harassment inquiry

U.S. appeals judge steps down amid harassment inquiryAlex Kozinski, a renowned U.S. federal appeals court judge based in San Francisco, resigned on Monday after the court's chief judge initiated an inquiry into harassment accusations, Kozinski said in a statement. The U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals judge said he was retiring immediately from the lifetime appointment to avoid being a distraction for the federal judiciary. The Washington Post, which on Monday first reported the retirement, said earlier this month that six women had come forward to accuse Kozinski, 67, of subjecting them to inappropriate sexual conduct or comments.

Amtrak train derails on highway bridge in Washington state, several injured

Amtrak train derails on highway bridge in Washington state, several injuredThe local sheriff's office said on Twitter that several motorists were injured, but not killed, when the derailed train struck cars on the highway. Amtrak passenger Chris Karnes told local news outlet KIRO 7 that passengers were forced to kick out train windows in order to escape, because emergency doors were not functioning properly following the derailment. The derailment occurred on the first day that Amtrak trains began using a new track between the cities of Tacoma and Olympia, part of a project to reduce travel time, according to an October news release from the state's transportation department.

Weakening winds aid battle against colossal California wildfire

Weakening winds aid battle against colossal California wildfireCalifornia firefighters were helped overnight by weakening winds in their battle against a two-week-old deadly wildfire that has cost nearly $131 million and blackened a widening area about one-third the size of Rhode Island, officials said on Monday. The blaze and other area wildfires have been whipped up by strong and steady Santa Ana winds sweeping in from eastern California deserts.

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